Home Remedy for Gout

The best and most devious remedy for gout that I have heard of to date is that of advising the patient to get undressed in the early evening hours, swathe him or herself in blankets and sit in hot water up to the knees prior to retiring to bed before 10 o'clock.

Herbal home remedy for gout by using proper diet

This is simple home remedy for gout - Sweating will reduce the uric acid in the body and make the condition more comfortable but more to the point this remedy kept the patient immobilized and at the mercy of the nurse who then removed all alcoholic nightcaps from within reach. The trouble is that the pain is so awful that a stiff drink promises the only anodyne, but alcohol, rich or acid foods and red meat are all absolutely taboo. Working on the principle that what kills may cure the wealthy society of yesteryear wrapped the afflicted toe around with raw red beef, a civilized improvement on the Tibetan remedy of rancid milk, butter and cow dung. This will prevent gout.

Visit to professional practitioner for gout home remedy

This remedy is one of the good home remedy for gout - People who suffer from gout are, understandably, extremely bad tempered and undoubtedly resent the sniggers it causes. Sympathy and a visit to a professional practitioner are essential as gout may be just a visible symptom of a more serious underlying ailment. Do not take painkillers, not even aspirin, unless prescribed. Make life as comfortable as possible by keeping the foot raised and wadded with cotton wool to protect it from being knocked. Pleasant Soothing herbal teas, a light diet and any entertainment guaranteed to keep the blood pressure down are the best answers although there are alternatives. This will help in curing gout.

Natural home remedy for gout

This is natural remedy for gout - A poultice may seem a practical method of curing gout but the likelihood of a patient welcoming one's approach with a view to applying a hot poultice or hot and cold compresses is, as has been suggested, remote in the extreme. Goutwort (goutweed or ground elder), as the name implies, was considered the ultimate remedy for the aching joints caused by gout, rheumatism and sciatica. A poultice of the leaves will help but a more appropriate solution would be to eat the leaves in salads as a preventative measure although they have a slightly disagreeable flavor unless picked very young. This will help in reducing gout.

Home Remedies for gout

This is one of the effective herbal home remedy for gout - Bran and vinegar poultice or tallow and garlic shared equal popularity with a thick covering of treacle or honey applied on a flannel cloth. However, the most highly prized infusion with which to bathe a gouty toe was made from meadow saffron which, in the language of flowers, means 'my best days are over - a message hardly conducive to improving the patient's spirits. This is beneficial for the treatment of gout.

Gout Cure and Remedy

This is simple home remedy for gout - Dandelion and burdock tonic, which tastes not unlike beer, is a pleasant enough drink for those whose alcoholic taste buds are suffering withdrawal symptoms but at the same time it acts as a valuable diuretic. Apples, onions, pears, mustard seeds and juniper berries were all considered necessary to the patient's diet whilst sweet corn, cooked with its tassels on, is still used extensively in some parts of Europe . It is quite clear, however, that any drink or food which might be suggested as a cure for gout is, in effect, either a mild sedative or a diuretic. This will help in treating gout.

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